Mood Board : Lost In Kiev

Mood Board : Lost In Kiev

By Penny Bennett

May 1, 2019 16:10

We spoke to Yoann Vermeulen, Maxime Ingrand, Jean Christophe Condette and Dimitri Denat from Lost in Kiev about the movies and art that inspire them as a band and their new album 'Persona.'

The Fountain (movie & soundtrack)

One of my favourite movies (and soundtracks) ever, watched and listened to it a lot of times. It was an important inspiration about the metaphysical aspect for me in our music, and there is a sample of the soundtrack hidden somewhere in our new album Persona’ – Max

Blade Runner 2049

Perfect last analogy of AI and humans. Feelings that intermingle and destroy each other. A strong theme of Persona there too. –  JC

Mozart en Verres miroirs de Bruce Sterling

A collection of cyber punk short stories that places technology and AI in contexts that are sometimes poetic, sometimes hopeless, sometimes destructive, sometimes in a glimmer of hope. But always in a fair and credible tone. We wanted to document ourselves a lot for Persona. This book is equally doing it. – JC

Ex Machina

This film highlights the illusion of Control. Today AI arrives at this fuzzy border where it is not yet able to take initiatives and make moral choices by itself. It reflects the excitement of this moment when everything is still under control. This idea has influenced some of Persona’s tracks. – Dim :

Black Mirror – Be Right Back

This episode in where the deceased husband is replaced by an avatar made of silicone and electronics demonstrates how human empathy can be deceived, but also raises some rather disturbing questions about me: if this machine is the perfect replica of its origin, is this fully this person? Globally, the series Black Mirror was for me a source of inspiration for the writing of texts, because it is often inked in a reality close to us, in the same way as Ex-Machina. – Yoann