Mood Board: Let Man Loose

Mood Board: Let Man Loose

By Punktastic

Jul 24, 2019 10:00

Following the release of new single 'Two Way Glass', Hull rockers Let Man Loose look back with us at the songs that have helped influence them to this point.

Marc – Guitar / Lead Vocals

Demob Happy – ‘Be Your Man’

Demob Happy have grown into a firm favourite of the whole band, and we’re always listening to their ‘Holy Doom’ album on the road. We played with them in Hull in 2014 as Felony – before we became Let Man Loose – and I wish we’d chatted more. We clearly share some of the same influences. They’re all fuzzy and melodic and I love it.

The Beatles – ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

The Beatles started it all for me as a kid. Choosing one song is almost impossible, but their rooftop performance is iconic and this is the best clip from it. The Beatles are a massive influence on me and Sam, and our commitment to good melody is obviously a consequence of this, despite our heavier tunes.

Jamie – Guitar / Backing Vocals

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Dangerous Animals’

When Arctic Monkeys first dropped this in 2009 I wasn’t too sure what was going on with my favourite band. After another ten listens, it finally clicked. Marc and I still maintain that ‘Humbug’ is their best and most underrated album. This session performance of ‘Dangerous Animals’ is unreal – I love the sound of the castanets you can hear during the intro and verses, and had to get myself some. I use them on our tracks ‘Shotgun Good Fun’ and ‘I Warned You’.

Kyuss – Gardenia

Let Man Loose love everything Josh Homme’s ever laid his hands on and Kyuss is no exception. We discovered our beloved Stone Deaf effects pedals when we went looking for some similarly delicious guitar tones. In sound check, when the engineer wants my levels, this is what I play. The imagery in this fan-made video is so over the top but it’s great.

Sam – Bass / Backing Vocals

Tame Impala – ‘Currents’

Tame Impala have been very inspiring to me, ever since I first heard them. After ‘Currents’ came out, fans were waiting with baited breath for more material. Suddenly, this video dropped and took me by surprise. To see my favourite artist at work like this was massively inspiring and had me itching to write songs and get into the studio with fresh ideas.

Cage The Elephant – ‘Trouble’

Cage The Elephant are a band with such great musicality. In this session, they seem locked in and that’s exactly what you want to see. The song’s got everything – a cool riff at the start that sets the mood, a great bass line, and lovely vocals. He’s not the best singer but his voice gives off a mix of passion and melancholy. I love the melody in this.

Danny – Drums

All Them Witches – ‘The Death Of Coyote Woman’

All Them Witches were the first band to grab my attention for a good few years. Nothing seemed to be doing it for me until I found these guys. Their albums are all so different but I’m into everything they do. They have tonnes of groove, and are experimental enough to always sound different and fresh.