Mood Board : Black Lime

Mood Board : Black Lime

By Penny Bennett

Nov 26, 2018 12:21

After the release of the 'Mania,' the first of 4 singles to be released in quick succession, we spoke to Black Lime about the inspiration behind their writing process. They also supplied the amazing artwork for us!

Our Singer, Sam

Most of the batsh*t stuff we get up to actually stems from our singer’s love affair with being in odd situations that the rest of us usually get dragged into. We’re all capable of being weird but if there was a leader board, Sam would top it. 

Our Guitarist, Luke

Luke drives all of his tone through a space vibe, so of course we’ve gotta reference this absolute belter of an intro. *Cue cheese ball UFO abduction sound, check the Mania music video where it made it in!*


Or ‘bevvy’s’ as we usually fondly refer to it as. Usually Stella, who doesn’t love a few cans?


We all know the current worldwide political system is bollocks, we’re all being led down the garden path and none of us know our arse from our elbows, remember that classic Brexit bus? Oh how we had FUN.

‘Going To The Store’

Pretty much couldn’t stop watching this. It’s so dumb but for us to have it on repeat probably aided the whole ‘what the hell is going on’ vibe.

Black Lime Reserve

We’ll be honest, we’ve written all of our bangers when we’re high. It’s become a rite of passage that all new singles require. Plus, there’s a strain named after us.

Social Media

Social media just blows our balls, we’ve watched so many people use it as a crutch for their social depravity and it’s a TOTAL freak show.

The Big Lez Show

The Big Lez show is something all band members can recite off by heart, it’s just pure stupidity but it’s hilarious. We spent so many late nights binge watching it again and again.