Mood Board: Bad Rabbits

Mood Board: Bad Rabbits

By Penny Bennett

Aug 10, 2018 13:47

The latest of our our Mood Board features we spoke to Bad Rabbits vocalist Fredua Boakye about some of of the things that influence him and his music.

Malcolm X – Police Precinct Scene
My favourite scene in Malcolm X. It displays fearlessness, patience, anger, mobility, and most of all power. El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz had the power to mobilise his brothers to get justice for their brother who was a victim of police brutality. He had the power to strike fear into a whole police force using nothing but his mind and his will. His quest for justice wasn’t sparked at that exact moment but this shows how far a person must go to do what’s right. This scene inspires me.

Muhammad Ali
The greatest. The peoples champion. Simply put. Muhammad Ali. I have a picture of him on my mirror. He reminds me that faith in God and faith in yourself will only lead to greatness. You can never fail if you fear nothing, Ali feared nothing, no man. He laid waste to many. When you would count him out, he would shock and awe you with his skill. This is a man who got everything taken from him and still managed to become a champion. He won it all back in Africa for Africa….he’s my hero.
Roberta Toomey Boakye
My mother is a driving force to why I still do music. She told me if I love it never leave it. She raised me to be God fearing but also to be myself, even if she doesn’t agree with my lifestyle or life choices, she is right beside me. Making sure I don’t make a fool of her or our family name. My mother knew all her children were destined for something great. When ever she sees a video of Bad Rabbits, or whenever she’s at a show. she makes me feel like I’m a rock star. I can only keep singing and performing …….until she tells me my music is dog shit….i’ll stop.
Star Wars
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a Jedi. Once I became an adult, I realised I can only give my loot to the franchise. The Star Wars saga is an epic tale of good vs evil. What makes it so epic is that it’s a story that can be re told over and over again. Despite how the mayo tinged, butt hurt star wars nerd may feel about the recent instalment of films, Star Wars will forever reign as the best movie franchise to ever exist (besides Marvel).

Zach de la Rocha
A legendary man. An emcee, a poet, a literal revolutionary. He is one of the reasons why I pick up a mic. I grew up with a whole lotta angst in me. Zach was one of the voices to my adolescent revolt. He opened my eyes to the struggles of the modern POC. And he did with an hardcore/metal/hip hop outfit.