Early stream of Long Way Down’s new record ‘Swinging for the Fences’

By Mark Johnson

Long Way Down will release their new record ‘Swinging for the Fences’ on April 20 through White Russian Records and we’re giving you the chance to stream it in full ahead of the release. Pre-orders are available here.

Here’s what the band have to say on the effort: “Looking back, we can say we’ve come a long way since our last release in 2011. There have been times when we were about to quit, but this band’s just become a too powerful outlet in our lives that we can’t imagine doing without. Despite – or thanks to – inevitable hardships and increasingly busy lives, we grew closer together and matured both as a band and in our songwriting. In our view, this record stands testimony to this.

In the studio we teamed up again with Nico at XPZ Sound who was again able to draw out the best in us. And we have to say, we were amazed by the guys at White Russian Records who – in spite of our years of silence – gave us a warm welcome back. They definitely continue to make us feel right at home.

The seven songs on this record in a way all relate to the record title. To us, ‘Swinging for the Fences’ stands for giving it all you’ve got, despite all the hardships. It’s one of the reasons why we chose this artwork design made by Mirjam at The Impossible Machine: giving it all you’ve got may drive you to such extremes that you end up strapped to a bed in a straitjacket. But that same mentality is what can help you break out of it, hence the empty bed on the back of the cover. We definitely do not encourage wearing straitjackets as a fashion accessory; we’d rather see you retake control over your own life. This is something we hope these seven songs will manage to convey.”

Check out ‘Swinging for the Fences’ below:

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