Listen to the debut Anchord album, ‘As A Real Return’

By Glen Bushell

If you are still struggling to get over those horrible new year blues, then we have the solution; listen to the excellent debut album from Anchord, ‘As A Real Return’. We are exclusively premiering the album below, and it’s a great way to kick the year off.

“There is a definite ideology or ideal that pushes us to create,”explain the band. “The continuous flow of concerts, of composing, playing, meeting new places and making new friends, gives us some sort of ‘Satisfaction’, but there is no such thing as failure or success hidden behind it. There can be ups and downs, but it’s all part of the struggle. It’s about the ‘Give and Take’ between ourselves and others. Despite those ups and downs we can now consider Anchord ‘A Real Return To Us’.”

‘As A Real Return’ is available to pre-order from BCore Disc/Lockjaw Records now.