LIRR talk us through their debut EP, ‘Ritual’.

By Glen Bushell

You may remember that back in January, we brought you the video for ‘Tongue’, the closing track on LIRR’s debut EP, ‘Ritual’. We now meet up with the German band again, who’s sound is redolent of classic 90’s emo, and are here this time e to give us a track-by-track run down of the EP.


“‘Teeth’ is the prologue of our record. We worked out the idea of the riff when we were pretty drunk, the party was over, and we were sitting in the flat some of us share. We played it on two really cheap acoustic guitars, but I think we fell for it almost instantly. We always wanted some ‘Native’ (btw we love that band) vibes in this one. I don’t think it really worked out, but it’s probably the reason why it sounds the way it sounds.”


“‘Skin on skin / so the cold will disappear / it will creep into our beds / and will stay there until it’s burned’. This is what the whole record is all about. Lyrically and musically this song is fundamental to ‘Ritual’. The idea was to make one really long song and to write different parts to this one. It was the first song we wrote for ‘Ritual’, and it’s also the first song we ever wrote as a band.”


“We had some problems with the lyrics for this one. It was the first time we discussed how we could keep on the implied story for ‘Ritual’ together. Leif wrote this part on the synthesizer with his head in the clouds, and the other parts were created by conventional jamming as a full band at rehearsals.


“Joe worked out the main lick for ‘Tongue’. Maybe it’s the catchiest Song on ‘Ritual’, but I guess it’s a good ending for our EP. It sums up most of the musical facets on ‘Ritual’, and gives a temporary ending to the story. ‘Tongue’ led us also to the first shirts we ever made for LIRR, which showed people drowning in coffee.”

You can have an exclusive listen to the EP below, and limited vinyl copies can be purchased via Through Love Records.