Lee Jackson is back with another 10 tracks to liven up your week

By Lee Jackson

Our regular guest playlister Lee Jackson is back with another 10 songs to add to his formidable, growing list of recommendations. Check out the latest wave of inspiration below.

The Interrupters – ‘She’s Kerosene’

The Interrupters are back! Having released this new single out of the blue last week, the band will release ‘Fight The Good Fight’ through Hellcat Records on June 29. UK shows this year?

worlds greatest dad – ‘Laughing (While You’re Smiling)’

This Atlanta based emo/indie quartet just released their new record ‘Get Well Soon’ through Deep Rest Records. Catch them on tour all over the US over the next month.

Eat Dirt – ‘Ballad’

London-punks Eat Dirt released their second EP, ‘Welcome To Shithouse-On-Sea’ at the end of April. Riffs. Rage. Relentless.

No Trigger – ‘Sleeping Bag’

No Trigger have just finished up an extensive EU tour, seeing a host of shows with Propagandhi. ‘Sleeping Bag’ is taken from 2017’s Adult Braces, released through Bird Attack Records.

Wonk Unit – ‘As The Rest Of The World Sleeps’

Currently, and permanently, on tour, London-punks, Wonk Unit are the true unsung heroes of UK DIY Punk Rock. If you’re yet to experience Wonk Unit live, they’re guaranteed to be playing five minutes down the road, no matter where you live, this year!

The Sidekicks – ‘Don’t Feel Like Dancing’

‘Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ is the lead single from Ohio quartet The Sidekicks’ new record ‘Happiness Hours’, set for release on 18 May through Epitaph Records. Fantastic, melodic indie/rock – perfect for a summer afternoon.

Youth Avoiders – ‘Watch Me’

There must be something in the water; France is currently spawning an incredible crop of punk rock bands, and Youth Avoiders from Paris are no exception. The new album ‘Relentless’ is out now.

Astpai – ‘Best Years’

Over the last 17 years, these four Viennese gentlemen have cemented their place as one of the finest European punk rock exports. ‘Best Years’ is the lead single from the new album ‘True Capacity’, out June 22 through Shield Recordings.

Pkew Pkew Pkew – ‘Mid 20’s Skateboarder’

Toronto has become a hotbed for melodic punk rock over the last 10 years and Pkew Pkew Pkew have hopped on board that wave. The band hit Europe and the UK for the first time at the start of June. ‘+One’ is out now through Side One Dummy.

Captain Everything! – ‘The Bomb Song’

Watford’s finest, Captain Everything, were a relentless touring machine throughout the ’00s. Having blown my mind, leaving me struggling to comprehend how a band could play that fast back when I was a teenager, the trio recently posted that they were back rehearsing occasionally. This is my plea. Please, play shows again!