Lee Jackson adds another ten tracks to his playlist

By Lee Jackson

Darko – ‘Hiraeth’

One of the UK’s finest DIY punk bands. There’s a tonne of back catalogue to dig in to and it’s all awesome. ‘Bonsai Mammoth’, the bands latest record, is out now through Lockjaw Records.

Creeper – ‘Poison Pens’

The Southampton-based anthemic punks kick off their ‘Theatre Of Fear’ tour next week, closing out a year which has been completely ridiculous. Make sure to get to a show – they’re going to be something special. ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is out now.

Hightower – ‘Mushrooms & Bamboo’

Paris-punks Hightower caught my eye a couple of years back, playing a bar show just down the road. Catchy, fast and rammed full of melody. Their new album, ‘Club Dragon’ is out now through Krod Records.

Backtrack – ‘War’

‘War’ is taken from the Long Islanders’ new record, ‘Bad To My World’, which is out now through Bridge 9 Records. Proving again they’re one of the premium punk/hardcore bands in the world, I challenge you to put this on and not bang your head.

Patrons – ‘First Of The Slow Burners’

A year on since its release, I’m still spinning this tune on the regular. The Plymouth quartet have created their own brand of post-hardcore and are ones to keep an eye on. ‘As Above, So Below’ is out now through Rose Coloured Records.

Great Collapse – ‘Human Target’

Great Collapse are heading to the UK and Europe in early 2018, and will have a new record too. Exciting times for the group, who feature current and ex members of Strike Anywhere, Set Your Goals, Rise Against and Death By Stereo.

Shoreline – ‘Breakfast (at 5pm)’

These young German punks have just announced the details of their new EP and an extensive UK and EU touring schedule for 2018. Exciting things to come!

Quitters – ‘Why Should We Burn Our Lives?’

France is currently kicking out some really fantastic bands and indie/punks, Quitters from Montpellier are no exception. ‘Why Should We Burn Our Lives?’ is taken from the bands ‘Good Night Memories’ album, which was released earlier this year.

Vultures United – ‘Pigs Are Creeping’

These Californaian punks passed through the UK around 10 years ago on a DIY tour, smashing the living daylights out of every venue with condensed 20 minute sets. I have been hooked ever since – they blew my mind. After taking some time out, the band are back now and have released a 30 track-double album, which slams from start to finish. A real hidden punk rock gem.

Sleaford Mods – ‘B.H.S’

Socially conscious and completely on it. It’s punk, but not how you expect it – spilling all of the truths about modern England. This duo from Nottingham are truly one of a kind. Take a few and listen to what they have to say. ‘English Tapas’ is out now through Rough Trade Records.