Learn to love yourself with the new Pity Party track, ‘Waste Of Life’

By Glen Bushell

There’s no doubt that music can help save people. This is the message that Pity Party want to convey with their stunning new track, ‘Waste Of Life’, which today we are giving an exclusive first play. The song tackles a subject that many of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives, even if we have tried our best to ignore it.

“To keep it simple, life is a terrible thing to waste,’ begins vocalist Sarah Levy, explaining the meaning behind ‘Waste Of Life’. “Depression is very real and I’ve seen the people closest to me die. It’s not easy. Everything is painful and consuming, you start to feel alone, and you just want it to end. I wrote this song to tell you that even if you feel you’ve lost yourself, that you are not alone. We understand in ways we wish we didn’t, but life is beautiful. It’s worth it, even when it feels like it isn’t. Take comfort in the chaos and never forget you are loved.”

The track itself is taken from the Californian bands forthcoming album, ‘Gnarbage’, which will be released on June 3rd via Ronald Records and is available to pre-order now. You can stream ‘Waste Of Life’ Below, and can keep up with Pity Party on Facebook and Twitter, as well as hear more of their music via their Bandcamp page.