Jule Vera: “We don’t worry about what genre we fall into”

Jule Vera: “We don’t worry about what genre we fall into”

By Jess Tagliani

Jul 14, 2017 7:32

Jule Vera may have had the label of pop rock bestowed on them but with the release of their new album ‘Waiting On the Sun’, this Alabama five-piece have created a “more mature and honest” release, moving closer towards the pop element of their music. “Pop has always been a big part of our sound,” vocalist Ansley Newman says. “I think it’s just started to come out a bit more with the record.”

Moving into a different genre can be nerve-wracking but the band took it all in their stride.

“We just want to make good music that everyone likes,” Ansley explains. “We don’t worry about what genre we fall into.” And the reason they don’t worry about that is because they’re “super excited to release new music! We’ve been working on this record for two years and we can’t wait to see how people relate and connect to it!”

As a female-fronted band, it’s not rare to come across people who make assumptions about what the band sound like before even listening to the group. It doesn’t faze Ansley though as she says, “Every now and then people will say something like ‘I don’t really like chick singers’. I think that’s just their preference, which is fine.”

But the band do try and combat that, and try to persuade the person in question to listen to their music.“If someone is saying they don’t like the band because it’s female-led, then we’ll definitely encourage them to give it a listen and then decide!”

As well as gearing up to release ‘Waiting On the Sun’, Jule Vera are playing Warped Tour again, two years after their first stint. The atmosphere in the Jule Vera camp is one of excitement. “In 2015, it was such an amazing experience and we made so many friends through it, so we’re really looking forward to doing that all over again this year!” Ansley enthuses.

Playing a travelling festival is incredibly different compared to a standard headline or supporting tour, Ansley says. “Warped Tour means that you can actually talk to your fans all day long as opposed to a few hours at night. It’s also a lot harder – on Warped, we wake up at 6:30 and sometimes don’t go to bed until after midnight. But it’s totally worth it.”

Despite a busy summer, Jule Vera have plans set for the rest of the year – “We’re working on more touring and more music videos,” Ansley says. “Make sure to keep an eye out for that!”

Jule Vera’s debut album, ‘Waiting On The Sun’, came out on Weekday Records on June 16, 2017.