By Chris Marshman

Kingston just seems to be one of those places that breeds talent – especially of the punk variety – so when Losing Sleep asked to be a part of our introducing feature, how could we say no?

Losing Sleep is made up of three members: Sean, Chris and Liam. When asked to describe their sound, they said it was “a mix of the indie emo bands we listen to from the mid 90s, and the pop punk from the 2000’s” which is a fair comparison. The EP they have up for streaming on their bandcamp page has a rough, charming quality about it, whetting the appetite for a fully recorded EP in the near future.

So, how did Losing Sleep come to be a band? The bands bassist, Sean explained, “Liam and I had been talking about doing a band since at least 2009, with the same kind of influences we have to this day. We actually had a few practices and played a very scrambled together set at a show back then” but it wasn’t an instant formation…“Liam went to live in the States for a year at Uni. Then Liam came back and stumbled upon Chris, who had just started University in Kingston, drumming on his own in a practice room there” and so Losing Sleep was born.

The Kingston/London scene is a pretty busy one to say the least. So you might wonder how difficult it can be to make a name for yourself amongst a plethora of punk bands people seem to come across these days. With that in mind Losing Sleep have offered some advice: “the few “scenes” that we are a part of aren’t actually as big as is sometimes perceived, so I think that if you dive into one of those and make friends and support the bands and people in it, those people then support your endeavours and you are lucky enough to be offered to play shows, which is great.”

Throughout the time we’ve been speaking to Losing Sleep regarding this feature, what has become immediately apparently is that this lot are genuinely the nicest guys. When asked what their favourite moment as a band has been so far they said “We were lucky enough to play a gig in Rochester in September, that was raising money and awareness for the Marcus Rutherford Foundation which was set up in honor of one of my best friends who passed away earlier in the year. He was in a great band called Loose Cannons, there was a brilliant turn out and it did a great job for the charity, both raising money and awareness, as was the hope for the show.” – highlighting the fact that they’re in this for the music and for the people, and that’s always nice to see.

So, what’s next for Losing Sleep? Well they have a weekender coming up at the end of January with Forrest, dates in South Wales, London and Brighton to look forward to and they’re also constantly writing with some interest bubbling for some sort of physical release of their demo EP. Losing Sleep are a band who have only just started. They have the promise, attitude and likeability factor to get them far and here’s hoping they’ll be around for many years to come.

You can catch the band live on the following dates

7 EPSOM House show
14 KINGSTON Cricketers
15 DORKING Lincoln Arms

25 SWANSEA tbc
27 LONDON tbc