Holy Roar Records’ 12 Bands of Christmas: Part IV

By Mark Johnson

In the final instalment of our Holy Roar Records’ 12 Bands of Christmas feature, we invite Slabdragger to select their top tracks ahead of their performance at Old Blue Last on December 21. Haast’s Eagled and ADCX will be performing along with Slabdragger at this special, free to enter, show.


Magrudergrind – ‘Bridge Burner’

Best chug riff! [Jack]

This Will Destroy You – ‘A Three-Legged Workhorse’

Brilliant post rock/metal/experimental band that I love. [Jack]

Talking Heads – ‘Girlfriend is Better’

This song is constantly stuck in my head on a loop. [Jack]

Church of Misery – ‘The Gray Man’

Has the best, catchiest riff and use of cowbell in any doom song. [Yusuf]

Ho99o9 – ‘Deathkult Disciples’

This song is absolute chaos and the gang chant hook makes me want to smash my head through a wall. [Yusuf]

The Beatles – ‘Because’

Those fucking harmonies, though! [Yusuf]

The Descendents – ‘Silly Girl’

If I could write a love song, it would be this one. [Sam]

Bad Brains – ‘House of Suffering’

Ridiculous stop-on-a-dime raging, progressive hardcore. [Sam]

Godflesh – ‘Like Rats’

If I wrote this, I’d be stoked to be honest. [Sam]

Neurosis – ‘The Doorway’

Because it’s Neurosis, how can you not be influenced by them, playing heavy music? [Slabdragger]