Holy Roar Records’ 12 Bands of Christmas: Part II

By Mark Johnson

Part II of our Holy Roar Records’ 12 Bands of Christmas feature puts Brighton quintet We Never Learned to Live in charge of playlist duties, ahead of their show at The Old Blue Last on December 7. Playing alongside Pijn and 52 Commercial Road, the show is free to enter, and if you missed Part I of our feature with Wren, catch up on that here.

1. Glassjaw – ‘New White Extremity’

Any fan of the band simply couldn’t ask for a better opening track for the first full-length release in 15 years, an absolute abominable banger of a tune! [Gary]

2. Thursday – ‘Autobiography of a Nation’

‘Full Collapse’ had such a huge impact on  my playing. I love the chord progressions and shapes on this album and I think a lot of this influence still comes out in my writing 15 years on. It was hard picking one track, but this just edges as a stand out for me. [Dave]

3. Bear vs Shark – ‘Catamaran’

This song is just an absolute lesson in fast punky melody and vocal delivery. Just love the random jump in tempo after one line it hits you like an uppercut. [Seán]

4. Sparta – ‘Guns of Memorial Park’

The big tom rolling and ambient production just gives this track a really melancholic tone that I love with really catchy vocals of the era. [Seán]

5. Radiohead – ‘Airbag’

On a personal level this track is a big driver behind the type of atmosphere and sound I aim for when writing. [Brett]

6. A Perfect Circle – ‘Judith’

‘Mer de Noms’ is packed with great lead work that is not to fussy, also a massive influence on my playing once again! [Brett]

7. The Mire – ‘Stone Devils’

The final track from the album ‘Glass Cathedrals’ is huge and emotive; post-metal at its finest! [Mark]

8. Alexisonfire – ‘Grey’

I got in to Alexis quite late and I think I prefer them at their weirdest. I love the muddy guitar tones and vocals on all of ‘Dogs Blood’, and the spooky reverb and feedback lead lines on ‘Grey’ are awesome. [Dave]

9. Circa Survive – ‘House of Leaves’

Best secret track ever… just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any more massive, it does. Atmosphere up the yin-yang! [Gary]

10. Hopesfall – ‘The Bending’

Hopesfall are one of our biggest collective influences and this track encompasses the true awesomeness of the early ’00s sound that we love so much. [Mark]