Hear the debut EP from Wood and Nails

By Glen Bushell

With so much punk history rooted in our fair isle, it’s a great feeling that some British bands are able to keep the spirit alive. While they may not be decked out in safety pins, bondage slacks, and soaped up mohawks, Birmingham newcomers Wood and Nails certainly capture the raw, working class vibe of British punk rock, and today it is a pleasure to bring you the first play of their debut EP ‘The Night Before’.

Initially started as a solo project by singer-songwriter Paul Beaumont, this marks the real start of Wood and Nails. “We formed quite recently in regards to a fully functioning band” says Beaumont of the current state of play. “After a previous band my brother and myself were in split, I carried on performing acoustically during the middle ground, and Wood And Nails started to get going around March 2015 when my brother Steve and myself got back together to write and record for this EP. Elliot our drummer has just recently joined in June and our first full band gig will be in September shortly after the release of the finished EP”.

When asked about bringing ‘The Night Before’ to life “‘Crosses’ was a song I had in the works for quite a while, whereas ‘The Night Before’, ‘All We’ll Ever Need’ and ‘Bloodshot’ all came together really quickly in the studio” Beaumont muses. ” The whole EP has a theme lyrically of questioning faith in basically everything, from religious faith to politics to faith in yourself and trying to find happiness in spite of it all and just accepting yourself. So as much negativity there is on there towards numerous different subjects, I would say the overriding theme is about finding happiness”.

‘The Night Before’ is self released by Wood and Nails digitally iTunes, Spotify, and all the usual outlets from today (August 6th), and you can exclusively listen to the whole thing in the player below.