By Becky Simpson

Having recently released their debut album ‘Cinematic’ via Prime Collective, Royal Mob have created a playlist detailing the influences behind the record.


Deep Purple – “Sweet Child in Time

Ian Gillian is my all-time favorite vocalist. He has such a powerful voice, yet he is also great at being soft and emotional, as seen in this track. He is also a very dynamic singer, changing his style to fit the lyrics, and that is something I am working towards. And the falsetto… his rock falsetto is out of this world.

Arctic Monkeys -“Do I Wanna Know”.

For me, a classic Brit Rock tune. Great atmosphere, catchy lyrics and built around a very central riff. And the vocals carry a presence I like.

Especially the central riff the whole song is built around is inspiring. I think it’s a great way to create a red thread through a track, and also the interplay between vocals and guitar is something I have tried to build into our music as well.


Nothing But Thieves –

The feeling in this track is just so full of energy, and I love how simple you can make a song and still make it so groovy. Especially the chorus in this song.

It inspired me in the song making.

Tame Impala – “Half full Glass of Wine”.

Love the atmosphere in this song and I love the 70’s rock music, even though they are not from that time, but in this song the whole feeling in the drums are very groovy. Love it!


Nothing But Thieves – “Live Like Animals”.

It was a band I was introduced to by our bass player Guillaume. This was just a song that I loved from the start and had to hear over and over again. It has an atmosphere that just attracts me. I love the chorus so much, emotion, mood and especially the sound. This chorus makes me want to jump around!

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – “Mindgasm”.

This is a legendary band from Copenhagen, which I have heard for many, many years and one of my absolute favourite bands! All their songs inspire me!

This is an instrumental number (I do also love those with vocals on).

It starts right on and hard – bass, drums and guitar. drive up and down, in the middle comes a beautiful quiet piece, I can’t get over the guitar melody! I love it! Both hard and soft.


Lonely The Brave – “The Rat”.

Here’s one of the songs I’ve been listening the most this year, I really like what’s coming out of it.
I was sad to hear about the departure of their frontman David Jakes. Had the chance to experience them live here in Copenhagen … He was a really beautiful and charismatic frontman in his own way. Very inspiring band.

Enter Shikari – “OK Time For Plan B”.

This band opened a lot of doors for me in terms of creativity, and this song is just one of my favourite. I guess I got influenced in my way to play the bass, playing riffs that you’ll not always expect, keeping the bass line melodic but still heavy and funky in the background.