By Penny Bennett

Nov 26, 2018 12:46

The members of Irk put together a list of their favourite tracks

Jack Gordon – Vocals:
‘Snake in the Grass’ – Couch Slut

Every second of their brief catalogue of releases thus far is pulverising, and this track epitomises that raw and gritty power that we love.

‘Rockers to Swallow’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

A noise rock band hiding in plain sight, this is a real creepy zinger which shows you can make loads of unnerving noise without sacrificing restraint.

Matt Deamer – Drums:
‘Soil’ – System of a Down

SOAD are often silly, smart and terrifying in the span of one song. They also know how write absolute bangers. Great van music.

‘Erineys’ – Zu

This track smashes together different styles to create a wild, obstreperous racket. Most bands wish they were this crushing and there’s not even a guitar in sight.

Ed Snell – Bass
‘Anything Jesus Does, I Can Do Better’ – The Locust

I do a fair bit of the driving and The Locust are a go to when I need to wake up a bit for Health & Safety reasons.

‘My Name Is Mud’ – Primus

Primus are always fun. Weird rhythms and bouncing grooves. It’s all good.

Here’s one we all agree on:
‘Recorded Inside a Pyramid’ – Daughters

When someone suggests putting on Daughters there’s never any disagreement, it’s a given that we’re now listening to Daughters. Consistently our most listened to band in the van.

 ‘Life’s Too Short’ – Darius Rucker

In 2017 we went on a Euro tour with Mums. Somehow we ended up listening to this anthem several times a day in the van. Jack from Mums can sing it pitch-perfect.