GUEST PLAYLIST: Husky Loop’s Favourite Rock Songs

GUEST PLAYLIST: Husky Loop’s Favourite Rock Songs

By Penny Bennett

Oct 12, 2017 9:26

With their new EP 'EP2' out now, a tour slot supporting Placebo and their own set of shows throughout November. Husky Loops found some time to tell us their favourite rock songs.

1. The White Stripes – There’s No Home For You Here

Probably still one of Danio’s favourite rock albums of all time, the guitar feedback/vocals break in the middle gives us so many shivers we could die

2. DEVO – Gut Feeling

Pietro loves this so much, the simplicity of this track reminds you that sometimes you do just need 5 chords

3. Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

Tom was very influenced by Black Sabbath. They are the kind of band we can see in every heavy band, it’s impossible to not like them.

4. Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive

Probably Husky Loops’ favourite riff. We still play it, this track still scares the shit out of us, and we wish every day to write a riff like this.

5. Blur – M.O.R

This track makes us feel 18 and it’s just FUN. And that’s part of our sound too you know.

6. David Bowie – Fashion

I mean, what’s that riff. What is it? How? When? Are you kidding me?