By Penny Bennett

Mar 7, 2018 12:35

Fresh off of a successful UK tour with Amenra, Boris have put together a playlist of some of the music that helps them out on the road.

01 Negative Approach – ‘Negative Approach’

When I feel gloomy during the tour, this song kicks my ass and hits me hard, works really well.

02 Neil Young – ‘Cortez the Killer’

Never ending guitar solo’s are some of the best music to hear during long drive on a day-off, whilst watching scenery from the car window.

03 Ultravox – ‘We Stand Alone’

The beat of bass sequencer on this song (actually not only this one but also every Ultravox song) matches and synchronizes with speed of van, I listen to it frequently.

04 Nick Drake – ‘Road’

Listening to it over again until late at night driving. I don’t mean I am self-satisfied, just soak in the world of this song deeply.

05 Intense Degree – ‘All the Guys’

When caught in traffic I am listening to it and yelling at cars in front of me (just in my head, won’t do it at all)

06 Tim Buckley – ‘Goodbye And Hello’

This song represents each day of my tour life, repeat and repeat again.

07 Funkadelic – ‘Cosmic Slop’

The best song for compulsive inner cosmic trip on boring day. That guitar sounds great.

08 Mountain – ‘Mississippi Queen’

I usually enjoy listening to music or artist associated with specific location while traveling. This is one of my favourites for the south part of America.

09 Yes – ‘Close to the Edge’

This one and ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ are my favourite, both performance and tone of Chris Squire is amazing.

10 Motorhead – ‘Eat the Rich’

I love Motorhead, during mid and late 80’s era especially. Though I don’t drive at all outside of Japan, I listen to it when the driver inside my head accelerates the car.