First play of the debut Cavorts full-length

By Ben Tipple

“Call it what you will, it is just us making our noise!” So say metal influenced Barnsley based punks, Cavorts. This noise is fast and raucous, with just the occasional glimpse into their stoner heroes such as Baroness.

‘Got Your Brass’ has a certain swagger about it – one the likes of Cancer Bats and The Bronx have brought to the forefront in recent times. Yet their penchant for the riff is unmistakable, sitting underneath their ferocious screams.

“It’s ten tracks of the four of us playing what we do best. It’s our views on life, the world around us, our experiences, good and bad.”

The band go on to explain the recording process of their debut. “We started recording the album late in 2013 with our good friend and musical production shaman Jason Sanderson,” they explain. “We started tracking the drums and live guitars over an autumn weekend in a lovely sounding old out building in a darkened Yorkshire town which, we were led to believe, doubled up as a sensual swingers club of an evening. Excellent.”

“After that sensual experience we moved on to Orion Studios (again in Yorkshire obviously!), which is owned, and magnificently maintained, by our long time partner and good pal Steve Ellis. Here we cracked on with sculpting and teasing out the mind altering awesome guitar sounds and vocals you will experience on this album.”

“Jason mixed and mastered the record, In At The Deep End Records put it out and the multi talented Andy Ozzy ‘the Owl’ Lister, from the rock n’ roll band Black Spiders, provided the artwork package.”

“We hope you enjoy it please!”

‘Got Your Brass’ hits shelves on the 27th October via In At The Deep End Records. For more on Cavorts and the label, try the following:

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