First play of I Feel Fine’s debut single ‘Everyday Safari’

By Mark Johnson

We’re bringing you the first play of ‘Everyday Safari’, the debut single from I Feel Fine. The Brighton-based act recently signed to Failure By Design and are gearing up to release their new record ‘Long Distance Celebration’.

Speaking about the relationship with their new label, the band explain: “Where to begin? Failure By Design took interest in our music during the early part of January. We’d sent a message to Pat who’s a local promoter about playing this year’s Washed Out festival, without realising that Connor (one half of FBD) had just moved in with him. We got to talking and really like what FBD are about so here we are!”

“So far the reaction from people at shows has been pretty positive, especially following the labels’ 4th anniversary showcase that we were able to play last week. It’s really encouraging to witness such community, and going forward we’re really excited to be a part of it. As a band we’ve actually been playing together for a few years now but it’s only really last year that things started to take shape in terms of finding a vocal style that got us excited. With none of us being traditional “singers”, it was hard to take a chance on trying to do it all ourselves.”

“‘Everyday Safari’ is kind of special because of that; it’s the first song where we found a formula that finally clicked, and that fed into the energy of all the material we’d been writing. I try to sound inspiring, but really all that means is we just tend to shout a lot!”

You can catch the band live at their next show in Brighton at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar alongside itoldyouiwouldeatyou and Flirting on February 3. Check out ‘Everyday Safari’ below:

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