Exclusive Zebrahead Track by Track

Exclusive Zebrahead Track by Track

By Penny Bennett

Mar 8, 2019 15:35

Ali Tabatabaee from Zebrahead talks us through each track from their new album 'Brain Invaders'

1. When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners

We thought this was a great song to start the new album. It has great energy and makes me want to start a mosh pit wherever I am when I hear it. The concept of the song revolves around the way people feel like their opinion is the only one that matters. It highlights how often times people don’t take in and appreciate other’s experiences and ideas when it doesn’t match their own.

2. I Won’t Let You Down
We recorded this song initially with live instruments and then went back and added some loops in order to create the rap verses. In this album, we experimented more with adding loops as the song writing progressed, rather than having them be an afterthought. I really love how the chorus kicks in and lifts the entire songs. This is one of my favourites on the album.

3. All My Friends Are Nobodies
This was one of the earliest songs we worked on for this album. It has a great message of being there for the people you care about, even though you might not be in the best emotional state yourself.  We started playing this song during our last tour, and even though none of our fans had heard it before, by the end of the song they were singing along. That’s when we decided to release it as our first single.

4. We’re Not Alright
We had a lot of this song written prior to working on “Brain Invaders”. We had worked on parts a few years back but never quite finished it. Everyone really originally liked the turnaround and chorus melody so we threw the rest of the song away and re-wrote the current version around those two parts. It is a song that everyone in the band was excited about and it deals with current climate of divisiveness and anger that seems to be consuming everyone.

5. You Don’t Know Anything About Me
We had the awesome pleasure of having Matt, Johnny, and Dan from Reel Big Fish play on this song with us. As we were writing it, we always had them in mind to put horns on the track, and I think they really added so much. The song itself is about a friend of mine that was homeless for a time and his experiences.

6. Chasing The Sun
I love how the guitars on this song sound like an indiscernible instrument that could be a keyboard, or some kind of loop. The song is about not letting other people stop you from going after your dreams. It’s about pushing forward in the face of haters.

7. Party On The Dance Floor
This is another one of my favourite songs on the album. I love the bass intro to the song and the heavy guitar parts throughout. It deals with the crazy political climate we are currently in. It’s about feeling helpless in the inability to help others in need.

8. Do Your Worst
We wrote this song about a doomed relationship. Even though you know it’s toxic, you go through the motions and continue to be miserable all along the way. The chorus melody on this song is very catchy and always gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day when I hear it.

9. All Die Young
Matty actually brought this song idea in and it was originally all acoustic and a bit slower. There were several different variations of the song before we finalised and recorded this version. I love the melodies in this song along with its upbeat energy that balances out the more somber lyrics.

10. Up In Smoke
This is another song that started out with mostly drum loops as we were writing and progressed to live instruments. We wanted to give a shout out to Cheech and Chong so we called it Up In Smoke. It has a very cool summertime feel. I also think this song is very similar to the sound we had on our Waste of Mind album.

11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi
This is one of the heavier songs on the album. We had a few of our friends like Efrem from Death By Stereo and Kevin from Lit join us in screaming parts of the chorus. I love the guitar tones and leads on this song. I think it’s going to be a mosh pit favourite.

12. Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)
This is definitely the slow jam on the album. The song is about how we consume so much without regard as to how it affects other people and the world around us. A good example of that is how some big companies in the America refute climate change because it’s more beneficial for them monetarily now, without regard to how it will affect future generations down the line.

13. Better Living Through Chemistry
This song deals with self medication and the feeling of not being as happy as those around you. I really like the sound effects and guitar riffs throughout. I also like how the first half of the chorus is open and musically minimal and then kicks in half way through.

14. Bullet On The Brain
We wanted to end the album with a bang and I think this song was a great way to do that. The guitar tones are really mean sounding on this track. I think it will be a great live song because I can imagine everyone bouncing throughout the entire bridge section. I think the album has great energy and I’m excited for people to check it out.

‘Brain Invaders’ is out now!