EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes of Sumo Cyco’s latest video for ‘Love You Wrong’

By Yasmin Brown

Last month, Sumo Cyco released the video for their latest single, ‘Love You Wrong’, well and truly kicking off their third album cycle.

The band continues to experiment with a number of genres, never fearing mixing it up by combining the likes of metal, punk, and dance music to create a unique sound.

According to the band, “‘Love You Wrong’ is a song about the push and pull of a deep epic love. Sometimes love so intense can be unhealthy, other times it can feel like the meaning of life. There’s a tangled web of chemicals dancing between your heart and your brain that can feel like whiplash.

“During the filming of the video for ‘Love You Wrong’ we constantly had the cops called on us. We had officers show up twice to the set laughing at the complaints that were called in. One woman told the 911 operator that there was some type of cult dancing to loud music, it looked serious and they should not go alone.”

The video (which you can watch below) reflects everything weird and wonderful about Sumo Cyco, and we have some exclusive behind the scene photos from the set, highlighting just how much fun it was to film this aggressive and violent visual. Photo Credit: Francesca Ludikar.

Check out the ‘Love You Wrong’ video now.



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