Early stream of riot grrrl split featuring The Baby Seals and Beverley Kills

By Mark Johnson

Cambridge-based fanzine and label R*E*P*E*A*T are set to release a special orange flexi disc featuring riot grrrl bands The Baby Seals and Beverley Kills on October 21, and we’re giving you the chance to stream the record early. The record will be available from R*E*P*E*A*T’s Bandcamp store, found here.

The Baby Seals songwriter Kerry explains the premise behind ‘Vibrator’, their featured song on the flexi disc: “Growing up, masturbation was always seen as such a shameful negative thing. Why? Having a tommy tank is good for you – clinically proven. Fact. End Of. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it ticks all the boxes. Why is this not celebrated?”

Check out the record below:

For more on The Baby Seals, head to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

Beverley Kills can be found on Facebook, baby se, Bandcamp and ReverbNation.