Documentary: Dearly Beloved Tour Diary

By Ben Tipple

As Toronto based garage-rock and rollers bring their desert inspired sounds to UK shores, Dearly Beloved have provided us with a twenty(ish) minute documentary pulled together from amateur recordings of random moments from last year’s jaunt. With moments ranging from kamikaze airplanes to cats doing what cats do best, it’s one psychedelic insight into their life on tour. Did you know that George Foreman sold 90 million George Foreman grills? No? Neither did we.

Their most recent album, ‘Hawk vs Pigeon’,  saw them withdraw to the Californian desert to hone their stoner-shoegaze-psych-punk sound. The band’s subsequent crossover appeal has seen them share stages with the likes of Juliette Lewis, Airborne Toxic Event and My Chemical Romance.

Forthcoming record, ‘Enduro’, promises to take their fusion of genres one step further, injecting metal undertones. In their own words the album is an antisocial punk-metal juggernaut. Sounds enticing.

With their atypical back-story and their boundary defining releases, Dearly Beloved are garnering attention for their dramatic live-shows to boot. Watch their schizophrenic tour diary for an insight into their world.