Cheem deal with indifference on new single, ‘Jacuzzi’

By Aaron Lohan

Connecticut math/indie rockers Cheem are exclusively streaming their addictively melodic new single ‘Jacuzzi’ here at Punktastic.

The song sees the band expand their math and indie rock roots with new styles. “’Jacuzzi’ was one of many steps we took on this album toward progressing our sound to something more diverse and interesting,” explains vocalist/guitarist Skye Holden. “We made an effort to write chord progressions and vocal melodies that were more soulful and groovy than anything we’d tried before, which was the result of admiration and careful studying of artists outside of the rock music sphere. The whole composition is sort of an emulation of an R&B or hip-hop song, or at least many of the facets typical of those genres, in a rock band setting. The majority of the drum parts are actually an attempt to translate the rhythms from trap beats over to a full kit and like the rest of the album, we tried our best to keep things memorable and concise above all.” And memorable it is, as the resulting song embeds into the ear canal with its progressive pop tendencies.

But what the song’s themes? “Lyrically, the track revolves around apathy as a result of disillusionment. The general sentiment is that, if you lose all interest in what you thought you were living for then you feel like you’re already dead.” That’s quite an effective contrast with the track’s musicality. “The message is a little defeatist,” Holden admits, “but the lyrics were more of an outlet for negative emotion rather than conveying some kind of moral or personal growth. However, being able to put words to those feelings works as a sort of catharsis that leads to personal growth, so it’s not all bad.”

‘Jacuzzi’ is taken from Cheem’s upcoming second album, ‘Downhill’, which will be released on the 6th October via Whelmed Records. Pre-orders are available here.