Check Out The New Album From Deer Leap

By Maryam Hassan

We’ve got a stream of the new album from Deer Leap for you today. Since their split with TWIABP in 2012 the band has achieved a bit of a cult status amongst the emo scene in the midwest. They are full on rock-infused emo. ‘Impermanence’, is their new 10-track album exploring themes of impermanence, maturing with age, and inevitable change.

“Impermanence is about change, growing up, and feelings of seeing the places that you once knew become something else entirely. We are all on the cusp of turning 30 and settling into adult jobs and homes while still feeling trapped in our younger years. The album is largely about those changes in our lives and coming to terms with the fact that friendships and hometowns will never be what they were when we were in our teens and early twenties, but that’s okay. We’re becoming comfortable with exploring adulthood because the world is so much bigger than our hometowns.” – Keith Galvin, guitar/vocals

You can listen to the album below:

Pre-orders for the album are up here. You can also catch the band on the following tour dates:

June 10–Crawl Space. Dover, NH
June 16– Lyric Hall. New Haven, CT*
June 17–Uncharted. Lowell, MA
June 18–73 See Gallery. Montclair, NJ
June 19–Palisades. Brooklyn, NY
June 20–The Pharmacy. Philadelphia, PA*
June 21–Mr. Roboto Project. Pittsburgh, PA
June 22–Cafe Bourbon. Columbus, OH
June 23–Burlington Bar. Chicago, IL
June 24–Local 432. Flint, MI
June 25–Vineyard Community Space. Rochester, NY
June 26–Out of the Blue Too. Cambridge, MA

*without Perspective