Cercle Social Records to reissue Way Out’s self-titled EP

By Glen Bushell

Our friends at Cercle Social Records have announced they will be reissuing Providence post punk band Way Out’s self titled EP. Originally released in 2015, the label will release a limited cassette pressing on June 10, which will serve as a precursor to a new EP, ‘Arc Of Descent’, later on in the year.

Way Out consist of singer and guitarist Derek Knox, drummer Anna Wingfield, and bassist Nick Sadler. Founded by Knox in 2012, the band became an entity unto itself following the arrival of Wingfield, whose shared love of Wire created an instant bond,and Sadler,whose other musical projects (Daughters and Fang Island) had entered a state of indefinite hiatus, leaving him hungry for a new creative outlet. In 2015 Way Out self-released a 4 song self-titled cassette/digital ep followed by a brief northeastern tour of the United States featuring songs about disorientation, loss of innocence and moments of reckoning that shatter your sense of identity.

Pre-orders are available via Cercle Social Records, and Way Out will be on tour later this year alongside Chameleons Vox and Soft Kill.