Blog: Preview of Mallory Knox’s new album

By Lais

So, Punktastic were lucky enough to get invited to a little shindig at Raw Power HQ this week to go and listen to Mallory Knox’s upcoming second album ‘Asymmetry’. Those of you who are keen Mallory Knox-ers (definitely a word) will know that it only comes out in October, so it was a hell of a sneak preview.

While being treated to pizza and a free bar, select members of the rock press sat and listened to the new album with big smiles all around. Some of us even accidentally stayed for the second session, meaning we got to hear the delights of ‘Asymmetry’ in full not once but twice (while shouting “10/10!” incessantly, which may or may not have had something to do with the drinks on offer).

So what can we say? Well, basically, you’re in for a treat. Mallory Knox have established themselves as one of the UK’s best rising rock bands, being regularly played on Radio 1 and steadily ascending up the ranks from sheer hard work. And even if they’re not your thing, you have to appreciate how well they’re doing right now. Above all, it’s a damn good thing for British rock.

Mallory Knox’s debut album, ‘Signals’, showed off some of their talents (see the fiendishly catchy ‘Lighthouse’ as an example), but ‘Asymmetry’ sees them step up their game in a big way. With Mikey Chapman’s soaring vocals and some unbelievably catchy choruses (not to mention two songs that became a seven minute-long epic track), this is the record that should see them hit the big time.