Bad Sign’s Slam Dunk Hit List

Bad Sign’s Slam Dunk Hit List

By Glen Bushell

May 19, 2017 8:54

Although London trio Bad Sign may not be playing at Slam Dunk this year, they still plan on heading down to enjoy the festivities. To help you get in the mood for one of out favourite festivals of the season, vocalist/bassist Joe Appleford has select 10 bands you need to see at Slam Dunk.


Puppy are a band that I’ve only come into contact with fairly recently, but after seeing our friends Creeper take them out on tour I checked out the latest single ‘Beast’ and loved it! I then went back and listened to tracks like ‘Entombed’ & ‘The Great Beyond’ and it only solidified my good feeling about them. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a festival setting like Slam Dunk!


I found out about these lads through our mutual producer, Neil Kennedy, and I’m so glad he put me onto them. ‘Be Nothing’ from start to finish is a great record littered with brilliant hooks. In particular I’m a big fan of the song arrangement and vocals from this band. I’ve not managed to catch them live yet, so this will be a highlight for me. I can’t wait to hear ‘Lead Feet’ live!


This band are one of the finest we have to offer in their area. I’ve been a supporter going right back to ‘Portraits’ and they seem to just keep delivering. A great live band who know how to make you feel like you’ve been to a proper show. They’re also absolute grafters and have worked so hard to get to where they are so they deserve a lot of respect across the board and it is so pleasing to see them hitting up the main stage this year.


I first saw this band at Underworld just over a year ago and after being into them on record for so long I was blown away by the live show. They’ve undeniably got a Rage Against The Machine (my favourite band) vibe and it transposes live as well. Expect a set full of energy, big riff drops and plenty of chances to get stuck in with your mates! I can’t wait for ‘Badge & A Bullet’ (both parts) & ‘Outbreak’ as set highlights and if they put their cover of ‘Vietnow’ in I will be fully involved in the pit.


I discovered this band through friends in Wales sharing the video for ‘Darling’ and I was hooked straight away. I then listened to their ‘Love Is Not Enough’ album in full and I literally had it on repeat for 2 weeks. It’s a band full of cathartic lyrical content, great movement in the music and a real feeling of genuine passion throughout. I’ve not managed to catch them live yet so I’m really looking forward singing my heart out to other favourites of mine ‘Little Bird’ & ‘Ceremony’.


I’ve been on board with this band from day 1 on the ‘Sick’ EP and the first time I heard ‘I Have A Problem’ I knew they were going to go on to great things. I then saw them live at The Borderline a couple of years back and that only reinforced my belief in them. I’ve seen them 2-3 times including their headline at Electric Ballroom and they just get better and better. They will easily be one of the highlights of slam dunk. One of the tightest, energy filled sets you will witness.


This band are one of the finest pop/rock exports we have in the UK. Great bangers, a killer live show and one the best work ethics you’ll find around. They’ve grafted for everything they have and will bring such a positive, fun energy to Slam Dunk. I’ll be hoping for personal faves ‘Actors’, ‘Superlove’ and of course the OG showstopper ‘Thug Workout’.


Where do I start with this band… I love everything about this band, they are flawless. ‘I’m Not Well’ was one of my favourite albums of last year. Littered with incredible songs, a unique, passionate vocal and a truly class rhythm section. I’ve caught them live twice now and they’re just as incredible if not better than on record. One of my favourite UK bands at the moment and I can’t wait to hear absolute club bangers like ‘Husk’, ‘Pines’ and my personal favourite ‘Bronte’. You can’t miss this band. Simple.


My favourite punk band of all time and to put it simply, one of the best live bands on the planet. If you’ve never seen them you simply have to because you will come away with a new favourite band. I’m praying for ‘Heart Attack American’, ‘False Alarm’, ‘The Unholy Hand’ & ‘History’s Stranglers’. Unmissable and nothing else needs to be said.


One of the finest bands the UK has ever produced and once again one of the finest live shows you can witness. Constantly pushing themselves with each album, exploring new areas whilst maintaining a sound all of their own. They even push the boundaries of live performance most notably performing their show at Alexandra Palace in surround sound, leaving anyone in attendance both visually and sonically stunned. This band also has a voice, a conscience for the political landscape and isn’t afraid to speak about it publicly. This is something lacking in most modern bands, passion across all areas and using your music to actually say something. I’ve been a supporter since I first heard ‘Mothership’ all those years ago right through to ‘Hoodwinker’ and everything in between. I love this band on every level and can’t wait to see them again. My dream is to see them play ‘Stalemate’ or more likely seen as it’s the anniversary ‘Adieu’. Fingers crossed!

Bad Sign will release their debut album, ‘Live & Learn’, on July 14th via Basick Records.