All Our Fest13 Coverage

By Maryam Hassan

Ah Fest! That weekend of the year where punk rockers from all over the world go to Gainesville in Florida and take it over completely. There’s PBR, pizza and so many hi-5’s that your hand starts to get sore. The Mecca for all people who like punk rock. The best weekend of the year. A complete loss of four days in the best possible way. This year there wasn’t so much sun (we had reports it was damn cold actually) but if you need a hoodie there are hundreds of bands who’d want to sell you one! It doesn’t have to be warm for it to feel like summer in October right?

This year we sent Nicole Carter, Kelsey Mindham and Matt Lamourt to run around Gainesville and report back on all the fun with as many pictures and words as the could.

To make it easy for you to find all our Fest coverage, that’s three days of reviews and three days of galleries, we are collating them all here on this handy Radar page!


Keep your eyes peeled for our comprehensive reviews, covering all three days and a wealth of bands.

Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges (But You Do Need A Wristband…They’re Very Strict About That)


Farewells, Redemption, and Beer Showers


Tacos are Forever


Our photographers were busy snapping all the antics across Gainesville.

Our first gallery, featuring Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Direct Hit!, Hard Girls, Lemuria, The Copyrights, Nightbirds, Lvl Up, Lee Corey Oswald, Nai Harvest, Foxing, Address, Dads, Runaway Brother, Solids, sorority noise, prawn, you blew it RATM cover set, The Hotelier, Touche Amore!

Day two featuring Chumped, Devon Kay and the Solutions, All People, Banner Pilot, Dangers, Descendents, Less Than Jake, Old Gray, Old Wounds, Pet Symmetry, Posture and the Grizzly, Single Mothers and Tiny Moving Parts

Day three: Kind of Like Spitting, Modern Baseball, Places to Hide, TWIAB, Two Knights, You Blew It, Iron Chic, Jeff Rosenstock, Hard Girls