Wolf & Bear’s ‘Armillaria Mellea’ is dripping with honey

A full-length record from Wolf & Bear has been a long time coming, but finally the wait is over. I’ve been eagerly anticipating a substantial release since stumbling across ‘Oil Cup’ during a late-night trawl through post-hardcore bands on Bandcamp way back in 2015, and ‘Armillia Mellea’ is a great advertisement for why I’ve been so excited.

Anyone familiar with the Blue Swan Records family and it’s affectionately-known sub-genre ‘Swancore’ will know what to expect from the band, but for the uninitiated, prepare to be hit round the head with intricate, complex guitar riffs, pounding drum rhythms and a dual vocal attack that both punishes and caresses you at the same time.

The band’s debut record ‘Everything Is Going Grey’ is available now and if you like this track, you’re going to want to purchase a copy. There’s plenty more where this came from.