With a new name comes new opportunities for Alazka

German melodic hardcore band Burning Down Alaska took their sound to a new level in 2016 by bringing clean vocalist Kassim Auale into the mix. Auale’s soulful, R&B style not only gave the band differentiation, but also helped to grow their fanbase. So much so, that when the band cryptically posted “2012-2017” on their Facebook page, it left plenty of followers feeling devastated as they feared the worst.

Happily, the band are back with ‘Empty Throne’ under the name of Alazka, having revealed that due to the changes within the band, they could no longer identify with the old moniker. ‘Empty Throne’ picks up where the band left off, Auale’s vocals giving a striking edge to a driving, heartfelt piece of melodic-hardcore. Tobias Rische’s screamed vocals do a fine job of grounding the track in its core genre, supplying the aggression that fits so well with the ambient guitars and offsets the melody of Auale’s voice.

I’m not the only one impressed by Alazka’s reinvention: Sharptone Records have joined the appreciation club, adding the band to their impressive, growing roster. Keep an eye out for more new music from this band later in the year.