We Wild Blood Make A Hell Of A Lot Of Noise

We Wild Blood make more noise with an acoustic guitar than pretty much any band I’ve seen. Their Facebook calls them ‘paranoiacore’, and that seems as good a word as any to describe their dark and angry sound that draws from punk and noise rock. I caught them at an All Dayer last weekend and despite their mid-afternoons set time, they played with an intensity that suggests it won’t be long till their getting the later slots.

They’re a three piece but the din they produce is cacophonic, driven by a relentless rhythm section and the aforementioned, frenetically strummed and distorted acoustic. At one point the lead singer ditched the guitar and played with an effects pedal (affectionately referred to as “the Rolf Harris paedo-box”), madly contorting the sound by twisting the knobs to breaking point. It’s great to see a young band so invested in the performance and their sound, and if you get the chance to see them you really shouldn’t pass it up.