Vespera’s ‘Obsidian Dreams’ will not be fading any time soon

Get in here with me early, because I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more about this band over the next year. Vespera will be releasing their 15-track debut album ‘The Thoughts That Plague You’ in 2018 and if ‘Obsidian Dreams’ is anything to go by, it’s going to be one to watch out for. The project was started by Jonathan Wolfe and has blossomed into something of a beast over the last year, helped by producer Taylor Lawson (who’s worked on Periphery and Veil of Maya, as well being a former guitarist with From First to Last). Now with a full band on board, Vespera are preparing to unleash themselves on the world.

‘Obsidian Dreams’ demonstrates a remarkable balance of heavy riffs and soaring vocals, pivoting from djent-style riffs and screamed vocals to wonderfully infectious clean melodies that are crisp and well-considered. I’m excited to hear more!

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