Veil of Maya find a perfect balance on ‘Overthrow’

When bands decide to try something new, it’s often at the expense of alienating portions of their fan base, and Veil of Maya couldn’t escape this inevitability on previous album ‘Matriarch’. The first album to feature new vocalist Lukas Magyar, his arrival also introduced clean vocals to the band’s sound for the first time, taking them away from their deathcore roots and inviting widespread comparisons to Periphery.

Not to be dissuaded though, Veil of Maya are back with phase two of this altered sound and ‘Overthrow’ signals an impressive upward trajectory. Magyar’s clean vocals integrate themselves into this track much more naturally, giving ‘Overthrow’ a fantastic sense of flow, helped on by huge amounts of djent-like groove in the instrumentals. It’s a healthy balance of melody, technicality and heaviness, making me very excited to hear more of the new record ‘False Idol’, out on October 20.