Toodles and The Hectic Pity are doing it for the love

Toodles and The Hectic Pity are a young band from the outskirts of Bristol and there’s a nice combination of west-country folk with a Bristolian ‘fuck it’ attitude to their acoustic punk sound. Aside from the name (one testimonial on their bandcamp reads, “Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?”), what drew me in was the sense of love that imbues everything they do.

Toodles are a band that wear the influences on their sleeve (The Front Bottoms are obviously in there, and the honest story telling of The Smith Street Band and Ben Marwood turn up too) and you sense they’re doing this because they love those bands and love making music. Their punchy sound is driven by some excellent drumming and brought to life by catchy melodies and big hooks. I guarantee you’ll be tapping your foot after a few bars and dreaming of singing along, ripped off cider in a summer field by the first chorus.