Tissues at the ready! You Me At Six are back with a brilliant ballad.

Look, I’m sorry – I am one of ‘those’ people. One of them folks that, no matter how objectively terrible a band gets, if I am nostalgically attached to them enough my love for them will never die.

You Me At Six are the perfect example of such a band. Last album ‘Cavalier Youth’ was as bland as a bread sandwich, but their new album ‘Night People’ has given us yet another excuse to croon along to them in the shower or stare longingly out a bus window pretending we’re all in music videos.

‘Take On The World’ is a sentimental reminder of watching the band play in pubs around the South, and the explosion of their popularity that followed. Hopefully it’ll get fans interested again and it won’t be long until we see them dominating arena stages once more.