Somehow, New Found Glory are still churning out pop punk bangers

I’ve been waiting for an official release of this track, taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Makes Me Sick’, since they played it during their A Day To Remember support slots. As a long time fan, I’m not the most objective critic when it comes to the band I have named as one of my top ten since I was about 12, but ‘Happy Being Miserable’ is another example of a pop punk song done well.

Considering their extensive back catalogue, it’s surprising they haven’t released a song called ‘Happy Being Miserable’ already, given that two of those words on their own perfectly summarise the pop punk genre. An upbeat melody, easily remembered chorus, and relationship-themed lyrics; what’s not to like?

Another lesson in how to be masters of your craft, New Found Glory’s latest is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea (if you aren’t a fan by now, you probably never will be) but for those of us who are still singing along to the hits that areĀ older than half your average pop punk audience, it’s a welcome sign they’re not giving up yet.