Revisiting the perfect sadness of The Weakerthans

“My city’s still breathing (but barely it’s true).”

I recently spoke to Christian Holden of The Hotelier, who told me how an indie rock band from Winnipeg, formed in 1997, had immeasurable impact and influence on his passionate songwriting.

A band also held in the highest regard by Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack, who chose to cover one of their songs for the 2004 alternative rockĀ compilation ‘Friends’. The WeakerthansĀ seem to be one of those rare bands worshipped with the same intense fondnessĀ by fans and artists alike.

Beautifully poetic and starkly poignant, “Left and Leaving” from 2000’s release of the same name has a way with words unlike anything i’ve heard in a long time.Ā A heartbreaking, incredible song with lyricsĀ so well-crafted they could possess a thousand different meanings.