‘Premonition of the Hex’ highlights the melodic beauty of Circa Survive

From my first listen of Circa Survive’s upcoming album ‘The Amulet’, ‘Premonition of the Hex’ has shone through like a beacon and I’m so happy that the band have chosen to release this video prior to the record’s release. With a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere thanks to Steve Clifford’s intricate rhythm and Anthony Green’s beautifully soothing vocal melodies, it’s a perfect advertisement for the beauty and ethereal brilliance that awaits on the band’s sixth full-length album.

Showing no signs of slowing down, ‘The Amulet’ is the most cohesive and energised the band have sounded for many years, drawing on their experience as a unit to create a perfectly balanced, addictive record. If you haven’t done so already, the warm, soothing tones of ‘Premonition of the Hex’ should convince you to pre-order the record, via this conveniently provided¬†link.