Pip Blom unsheathes claws in strident new Dutch single ‘Pussycat’

Preceding their upcoming second EP ‘Paycheck’, ‘Pussycat’ is a raucous departure from Dutch songwriter Pip Blom’s previous acoustic indie rock. Two guitars duel whilst Pip purrs and unsympathetically growls quintessential garage-rock that explodes throughout the track from the very first riff. The girl-next-door has dropped her acoustic guitar and is smashing down your door, flailing with possessed fury.

21-year-old, converse-adorning Blom sneers a feisty nature that refuses to be contained, using youthful frustration as a loaded gun of lyrical spite that is as enigmatic as it is angry. She projects the erratic, raw energy of early Blur, straying into more furious Sonic Youth territory that similar bands in the indie rock genre, such as Black Honey or Goat Girl, may be too cautious to dip into. Blom has a musical maturity that I’ve rarely seen from bands this early in their career. She knows how to form the hook of a garage-rock song; captures the bitter frustration that today’s youth face. ‘Pussycat’ is a revealing turn into the shadows of garage-rock from a talented and promising siren of indie.