Parting Gift challenge you to ‘Be Still’ with dynamic debut single

Parting Gift are from Manchester. They have five members. And that’s as far as my knowledge stretches. Judging by the ‘launch date’ on their Facebook page of February 26th, there’s probably not much more to know either. But who needs details? With a debut single this impressive, I don’t care what their back story is, Parting Gift have my attention.

As ‘Be Still’ makes its way through dynamic drums and heavy-yet-melodic guitar patterns, it brings to mind the likes of Crooks and Holding Absence, and with a frontman who’s able to deliver the kind of emotionally captivating performance that’s equal to either of the aforementioned bands, they’re in very good company indeed.

For now the details surrounding this impressive young band are very limited, but based on the quality of ‘Be Still’, it won’t be long before Parting Gift become a well-known name in post-hardcore.