Nine Inch Nails break down the door with minatory new single

Nine Inch Nails unveiled the brooding menace that will surround their upcoming ninth LP ‘Bad Witch’ with  dizzying new track ‘God Break Down the Door’. Over wailing saxophone that hasn’t been present since the band’s earlier work, lead-singer Trent Reznor incubates moaning jazz vocals that channels Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’; a disarray of primal drums and dizzying synth mixing with waves of distortion to kick a nauseating dance beat.

The song features possible acknowledgments of Reznor’s past drug addiction, warning of the downward spiral that comes with trying to solve one’s issues through inebriant misuse: “You won’t find the answers here – not the ones you’re looking for”

A track enigmatic enough to cause a polarising reaction from their fanbase, Nine Inch Nails have created more questions than answers with this experimental addition to their ever-changing discography. Love it or hate it, it’s toxically different; quintessentially Nine Inch Nails.