Mannequin Mishap have a minimal line-up but maximum impact

It’s not often you find a math-rock band without a guitarist, but that’s exactly what I stumbled across with Mannequin Mishap. When I first heard the track I had no idea that this array of noise was coming from only two people and it took the music video to make me realise I was only hearing drums and bass. I suppose when you play the bass like it’s a lead guitar, you don’t really need another one.

‘Tea Party With My Taxidermist’ is an intricate yet frantic blend of post-hardcore and math-rock, with vocals that have a major Kurt Travis vibe. Based on this comparison and the level of musicianship on show, it’s no surprise that they move in the same circles as Travis – they’ve teamed up with Spirit Vision Records, a label created by Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett, who recently formed the band Eternity Forever with Kurt Travis.

This track comes from the band’s upcoming record ‘Acatalepsy’ which doesn’t have a release date as yet, but based on the quality of this first single, I’ll be at the front of the queue when it’s announced.