Hot Mulligan Are Getting Hotter

It’s time for Taking Back Sunday fans to get seriously excited; their spiritual successor has arrived. The lead single from Hot Mulligan’s upcoming album ‘Pilot’ is an upbeat emo/pop punk crossover, confusingly titled ‘All You Wanted By Michelle Branch’. Retrospective verses that will make you nostalgic for events that never actually happened give way to a chorus which is the equal of any well known acts from the scene, with an infectious “woah oh” line that a few of the more disenfranchised Blink-182 fans would presumably like to present to John Feldmann as an example of how it should be done.

I couldn’t help but listen to the traded, back and forth chorus vocals and attempt to sing along to every word, despite the obvious overlap making this impossible. “Now you’re just a singalong for lonely nights and drunken drives home” will be enthusiastically shouted in many a venue over the next couple of years. It’s difficult to stave off the hype for ‘Pilot’, the upcoming record that will either propel Hot Mulligan to a new level or at the very least further demonstrate their massive potential. Check back soon for a full review.