Holding Absence are set to leave a ‘Permanent’ mark

Every once in awhile a band comes along with a certain aura that attracts special attention. It’s exciting to watch these bands develop, in the same way conducting science experiments was back in school – you knew that certain chemicals would cause an explosion eventually and the anticipation of when that might happen was almost as indulgent as the impact. Holding Absence are simmering away and the substances binding them together are ready to go off at any minute.

I’ve got the same feeling in my bones about Holding Absence that I had when I first fell in love with Crooks almost five years ago, and there are a lot of parallels between the two on ‘Permanent’. From the dynamic drums and atmospheric guitars to the gut-wrenchingly emotional vocals – there’s something beautifully addictive about their ultra-melodic, yet looming and intense post-hardcore concoction.

2017 is going to be a big year for this Cardiff quintet; they’ve recently signed to Sharptone Records, they’ve been added to Download Festival and Camden Rocks and will be heading out on a UK tour in April. This kind of power can’t be contained and you’re going to want to be around when it blows up.