Give are the second coming of the Revolution Summer

Around 1985, D.C. hardcore underwent a change. Members of the influential punk scene opted to do something different, emotive, and whether or not they will admit it, revolutionary. Enter Dag Nasty, Rites Of Spring, Embrace, and One Last Wish. The ‘Revolution Summer’ was born. It’s been imitated and watered down, but no one has managed to capture the spirit of that sound quite like D.C. flowerheads, Give.

I came across them in the shallow confines of the Sebright Arms in London around four years ago, but failed to keep up with their output. The release of their video for the excellent ‘Beyond The Gun’ made me take notice once more. This is post-hardcore how it should be; discordant, challenging, melodic, and powerful. With their ‘Electric Flower Cult’ EP set to arrive on the prestigious Lockin’ Out Records this month, maybe it will be time for the second coming of the revolution.