Galleries show major promise with debut track ‘Enough’

You don’t get too many chances to watch a band grow from the very start, so get on board early with melodic-hardcore act Galleries. When I say from the start, I mean just that: their Facebook page was created on July 12, they haven’t played a show yet and ‘Enough’ is the first track they’ve ever released. They may just be starting out, but they’re already showing major signs of promise.

In the video for ‘Enough’ you’ll spot members of the band in While She Sleeps and Being as an Ocean t-shirts and you can hear the influences in their sound as well. The screamed vocals have a George Petit of Alexisonfire vibe and these are broken up by some very well delivered clean vocals, all of which are accompanied by ambient guitars that provide excellent atmosphere. The band play their first show, supporting Loathe, on September 8 in their home town of Leeds and I’ll be there to report back on how their live show compares to this highly promising debut track.