Eternity Forever bring R&B to the math-rock party

Former Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds vocalist Kurt Travis has teamed up with Chon bassist Brandon Ewing and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett to create Eternity Forever: an ambitious attempt at merging math-rock instrumentation with R&B vocals. As crazy as it sounds, it works like a treat, making their first single ‘Fantasy’ an absolute delight.

Travis’ sustained falsetto makes his voice almost unrecognisable from his past as a post-hardcore front man, but such is the versatility of his voice, it works almost anywhere. The quick vocal runs interlock with Ewing’s jangling, intricate guitar noodling to create an irresistible rhythm that makes it almost impossible to hold still.

For now, this is the only track we have to enjoy, but I can’t wait to hear more of this math-rock/R&B hybrid in the future.